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Product Overview

Colossus, our mega smoker, boast up to 2,064 square inches of cooking surface. This well-built smoker loaded with features like fully welded 3/16" gauge steel construction, 1200 f degree heat-resistant paint with UV protection and durable steel shelves superbly crafted. Many of our features included are options with other companies, such as the warming plate, door counter weight, heavy-duty grates both cooking and charcoal, and probe port. Plus there are even more features combined the damper/draft control system and counter balance. Colossus produces excellent results. 


  • Metal Thickness: 3/16" Gauge
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Door Counter Balance
  • Heavy Duty Hinged lids
  • Warming plate - 368mm x 254mm
  • Probe Port
  • Width:2082mm
  • Depth: 914mm
  • Height: 1625
  • Weight: 683 lbs.(310kg)
  • Smoker Diameter 609 x 1219mm
  • Combined cooking area 2064 SQ. in.
  • Main Chamber Cooking area - 1506 SQ. in.
  • 2 row shelf included (not pictured)
  • Firebox cooking area - 558 SQ. in.
  • Cooking Grate 3/8" round
  • Log Grate / Charcoal Heavy Duty Grate expanded metal (included)
  • Fuel: Burns Charcoal or Wood or combination
  • Finish: Charcoal High-temp Paint

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