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Product Overview

Denali, a premier Sunterra Outdoor, and BBQ Pit Boy #1801 BBQ Smoker boast up to 936 square inches of cooking surface. This BBQ Smoker comes loaded with features like fully welded 3/16" gauge steel construction, 1200 degree heat-resistant paint with UV protection and durable steel shelves. Superbly crafted, features such as the warming plate, tuning plate, and heavy-duty cooking and charcoal grates are included, not add-ons as with many companies. All of the features combine with the well-designed damper/draft control system to produce excellent results whether you are a new or seasoned grill master.

For any type of gathering, the Sunterra Outdoor BBQ Pit Boy Denali #1801 wood and charcoal burning smoker will give a tremendous experience and results for any cooking event!


Metal Thickness: 3/16" Gauge
Fully Welded Construction
Hinged lids
Warming plate (standard)
Width: 66" (includes Firebox)
Depth: 30" including front shelf
Height: 59"
Weight: 399 lbs.
Cooking Chamber (18" x 36")
612 SQ. in. (17.5" x 35") Cooking or Grilling Area - 2 Heavy Duty Grill Grates 3/8"
324 SQ. in. Firebox Heavy Duty Cooking Grate 3/8" (17.5" x 17.5")
Including Firebox combined 936 SQ. inches cooking area
Log Grate / Charcoal Heavy Duty Grate in Cooking Chamber (included)
Fuel: Burns Charcoal or Wood or combination
Finish: Charcoal

Offset Firebox (18" x 18") with dual damper
Side firebox door for easy loading and cleaning
Chrome Stay Cool Handles
Smokestack with damper control
Wood storage shelf
Grease drain and hook for hassle-free clean up.
Wagon Wheels - 3" wide / large 1" axle
Temperature Gauge

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