Electric Meat Mincer & Veggie Slicer 2 IN 1

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Product Overview

Perfect for building up or refreshing the basics in your kitchen, Davis & Waddell offers a huge range of kitchenware for food preparation, baking, serving, organisation and more. Now you create delicious sausages from scratch in the comfort of your kitchen with the Napoli 2-In-1 Electric Meat Mincer & Vegetable Slicer. Boasting a compact design and a powerful yet quiet motor, this versatile product can grind over a kilo of meat in just one minute. With various mincing attachments included, this device also doubles as a vegetable slicer, allowing you to grate carrots in seconds.

Napoli 2-In-1 Electric Meat Mincer & Vegetable Slicer features:
• Designed in Australia.
• Quiet 600-watt motor.
• Versatile 2-in-1 appliance.
• Grinds 1.2kg of meat in just one minute.
• Equipped with a stainless-steel blade and three steel mincing plates.
• Sausage & kibbe attachments included.
• Reversible function.
• Doubles as a vegetable slicer/grater, complete with three blades.

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