Santa Maria 60" Split Grill with Cart

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Product Overview

  • Thickness - Grill base floor and side walls heavy gauge 3/16" steel
  • Thickness - Side walls: include fire brick
  • Width: 1524mm (Overall 2184mm includes both shelves)
  • Depth: 762mm (Overall 889includes handles)
  • Height: 1016mm (Overall 1016mm bottom of firebox to top of flywheel)
  • Height Firebox: 304mm
  • Weight: 283kg
  • 1361.75 SQ. in. Cooking Surface (1330mm x 660mm)
  • Finish: Charcoal
    • Manufactured with Heavy Gauge Steel
    • Fire bricks included for heat retention and distribution
    • Single Door Swing Down and Single Grate
    • Three Step metal and finish process with 1200 degree Paint
    • Heavy Duty flywheels w/cool to the touch handles.
    • 1000 lbs stainless steel aircraft cable. Raises & lowers V channel grates
    • V channel grates are inverted and slopped to the front of the grill to catch fats & juices to reduce flare-up
    • Wood and Lump Charcoal Fuel
    • Sliding Damper System w/cool to the touch handles
    • Slide out V channel Fuel Grates
    • Removable Drip Tray

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