Whisk Balloon 25.4cm

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Product Overview

An essential tool in any cook's batterie de cuisine, the rounded balloon whisk quickly produces velvety-smooth sauces and gravies and creates maximum aeration when whipping egg whites or cream.

The balloon whisk is the proven versatile, all-purpose whisk that you will reach for time and time again. The loosely teardrop shape allows a great deal of air to be introduced into a batter or dough, making it perfect for whisking egg whites, cream, batters, sauces and more.

Features of the Savannah Stainless Balloon Whisk

Professional Quality Whisk
Polished 18/8 Stainless Steel construction
Solid, weighted handle for balance.
Properly sealed watertight end cap for commercial sanitary compliance.
Dishwasher safe
Everten's exclusive triple backed 25 year gaurantee against workmanship and materials defect.
25cm, 12 Wire construction.