YODER Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill Stainless Shelf Sleeves

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Product Overview

This newly redesigned stainless shelf style for the YS640 and YS640S pellet cookers boasts a heavy duty stainless steel finish. Easier to clean than the standard wire shelves, these stainless shelf sleeves are designed to fit right over your existing wire shelves.

The sleeves simply slide over your existing wire shelves and a nut is tightened to hold them in place. The side shelf features three tool hooks to keep brushes and spatulas handy. Made of highly rust resistant stainless steel, the shelves wipe clean and create a solid surface to rest plates, thermometers, and condiments.

This product does not include wire shelves.

Rust resistant stainless steel

Slides on over existing wire shelves

Easy to clean

Purchase set price for front and side shelves.

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