Benefits of Portable BBQ

Camping can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that your food doesn't taste like campfire. Sound like too much work? Make cooking as easy as 1-2-3! Simply place the barbecue over an open flame and wait for 15-20 minutes until it's thoroughly heated. It has an adjustable height so you can cook different foods easily at any time. After it cools down, keep your portable BBQ nicely stored in a carrying bag for next time! Got a lot going on this weekend? You will have plenty of room left to pack other smoked goodness including brisket, ribs, chicken, and more.

The BBQ is portable, so you can light it up no matter where you are. Never again will you be stuck inside of the house on a warm summer day. The best part about our barbecue? There's no need to clean up after! All your dishes and utensils pack down into the built-in bag for easy storage on the way home without any mess left behind. It might not be as fancy as cooking with gas or charcoal, but there's something extra fun about playing chef outside under the sun!

Get your grilling on anywhere, with this portable aluminum one-person grill that can break down to fit inside the frame of a backpack. Incredibly easy to set up and use. Includes nylon dishcloth, high-pressure propane burner with an instruction guide, protective carrying bag, starter coal packet & built-in windscreen for protection from intense heat or windy conditions. Perfect for campsites or backyard picnics when you want a great meal but don’t have all the tools at hand.

Our Portable BBQ

Want to host a BBQ but don't have the space for your old-fashioned grill? Introducing our Portable BBQ! Its lightweight, collapsible aluminum frame is designed with portability in mind. It weighs only 20 pounds and collapses down to fit into any car. Simply unfold it when you arrive at the perfect cookout location - outdoors or indoors highly recommended! And baking up some steaks or chicken thighs on this portable grill just couldn't be easier, with three adjustable cooking grates that are always 12 inches apart from each other, no matter how much food you have cooked at once. Plus, there's an accompanying work table so all your ingredients will stay clean before being cooked up on these two-inch non-stick coated

Imagine not having to drag the big, gas-guzzling grill onto the beach for your picnic. Now imagine conveniently taking your portable collapsible barbecue with you on your camping trip. Our trade secret is our clever folding design which creates an easy-to-carry charcoal BBQ.

Our Portable BBQ is always close by to protect your wallet and palate. Perfect for when you're camping, lounging at the beach, or just cooking in a cramped kitchen because it neatly packs away into a carrying case that can be taken with you on the go.

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