What is a Charcoal BBQ?

A charcoal BBQ goes well for any occasion. Cook outdoors with a different flavour from your average gas grill. A charcoal BBQ is as easy as can be and it’s applicable in any season! Ditch your old gas BBQ and opt for charcoal. You’ll experience the smoky flavours of charcoal-cooked meat so much better than the electric one. Opt for the traditional one but still stands up best. Try getting outside more often with charcoal BBQ!

If you are keen on a different BBQ experience or have been wanting to up your grilling game then try charcoal BBQing. Cooking over wood chips gives off natural smoke that infuses the meat with flavour. A pack of good quality charcoal will give you hours of use, usually requiring few refills through cooking time. You’ll cook way more food on these low temperatures than gas, meaning no line waiting for your turn to fire up. Plus there is nothing better than the smell of smoky mallee root steak smoking on fresh Australian timber planks!

Benefits of using Charcoal BBQ

Have you ever seen a Charcoal BBQ that doesn't remind you of summer? Whether it's roasting marshmallows after days of bushwalking, rib eyes dripping in brown sugar and bourbon marinade while sitting on your porch with the birds chirping around you, or hot dogs overcooked to an unrecognizable burnt mess. If we were having trouble deciding what best describes a charcoal BBQ before, we know now: it's undeniably linked to social events and times when family and friends come together to share food cooked over quality hickory wood.

Charcoal BBQ is the only way to cook your food. If you haven't yet tasted the smoky flavour of a char-grilled steak or had enough gamey tanginess from lamb chops, then it's time for you to give up that gas grill and choose charcoal. They are easier to look after too - just seal with foil, place some coals on top, close the lid tightly and let it steam away.

Bring the flavour of Australia into your backyard with an awesome Charcoal BBQ! We have all you need to get grilling, from awesome seasoning blends to quality outdoor furniture. Fire up those taste buds and savour that smoky grill flavour with a BBQ made in Australia

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