Hark 2 Door Gas Smoker with Window

Overall dimensions (including length & width of base):
545mm (L) x 455mm (D) x 1115mm (H)
Overall dimensions (measured from top of cabinet):
405mm (L) x 355mm (D) x 1115mm (H)
Shelf dimensions:
350mm x 300mm
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Product Overview

Gas powered so you can achieve consistent temperatures for even cooking.

Three exhaust vents for better smoke and temperature regulation - two on the sides and one at the back
Push start piezo ignition
Sturdy construction with a wide and stable leg pattern providing extra stability
Four fully adjustable chrome plated shelves enabling large quantities of meat or fish to be smoked in the one batch
Hose and regulator included. POL connection fits most standard BBQ gas bottles
Enamel coated water pan helps keep food from drying out over long smoking periods & also enables spices or marinades to be added to the water to provide extra flavour
The two doors allow you to open the bottom door independently in order to refill wood chips and water pan
Cast brass burner
Large temperature gauge for easy reference in both Celsius & Fahrenheit
Heat resistant side handles for easy movement

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